Rhythm Research



We gather at the downtown Boise YMCA in partnership with the LIVEstrong program to research the effects of 5Rhythms® Movement Therapy with cancer survivors. As people enter the room, they begin chatting in what seems like relief in being together with others who know the cancer journey. The dancers have been diagnosed and treated for many different kinds of cancer: breast, pancreatic, brain, leukemia, and others. Some are cancer free, some are in active treatment, some have metastatic disease, some are "watch and wait", all have heard the words: "You have cancer". And although cancer is our common tie, our humanness is the greater bond. Most have never had the chance to tell their story to other survivors. The sharing often begins with many tears, 'sisters and brothers of the river', a kindness and compassion weaving throughout the group knowing what it is like to hear the words and go through the medical system for care.

We begin to move in the rhythm of flowing as a resource for the many fears cancer can bring, timidly getting our toes wet in the awkwardness of being seen by each other. Week by week, the movement and resource of the rhythms begin to free us from suffering and open us in discovery, exploration, release, and healing. It is no surprise that the research shows statistical significance of improvement in many of the emotional and spiritual issues being measured and positive improvement of direction in all. I bow in gratitude and humility at being part of this research and the amazing dance bridging healthcare, creativity, expression and healing.

-- CHERYL NELSON - 5Rhythms Movement Therapy Facilitator