We are deeply grateful to our original donors, the founding angels who stepped up to help us get started. We are also moved by the many others who, propelled by the life-changing effects of the 5Rhythms practice, continue to contribute their time, energy, and money. However large or small, these personal investments in the ever-expanding potential of the 5Rhythms as a non-profit service provider and creative source for bold new art forms give us the energy and momentum we need to keep blazing trails.

We love each of our first donors and thank them with 10,000 dances in their honor.

Yosi Amran
Adam Barley
Sergey Berezin
Bojana Boh
Tammy Burstein
Lawrence Dorfman
Nancy Harrison
Van Hovey

Reuven Shelef
Alexis Tatarsky
Gaby Van Dillen
Charles White
Emanuela Masini

Jon Iverson
Elham Javadi
Jay and Amber Kaplan
Lesbian Equity Fund
Sayaka Nagashima
Stephen Omohundro
Cynthia Schultz
Clare Scott McCarthy

Generous souls who have contributed their art and energy as service:

Peter Fodera
Jan Redsted
Annette Uhlemann
Peter Selwyn
Juliana Fodera
Morgan Berk
Arthur Retiz

Jamie Catto
Jason Goodman
Fred Hatt
Sam McConnell
Jilsarah Moscowitz

Nilaya Sabnis
Lori Saltzman
Eliezer Sobel
Tim Stephenson
Jeannine Walston

Our Founding Angels:

Waka Foundation
William H. Donner Foundation
Lekha Singh
I.M.G. Inc.

Special gratitude to those communities who channeled their collective effort into fundraising events:

Berlin 5R Tribe
Dansendhart 5R Tribe
TMC Marin 5R Tribe
Nijmegen 5R Tribe