5RRO is the power of 5Rhythms moving through diverse communities as one tribe.











5Rhythms Reach Out (5RRO) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that offers the 5Rhythms movement practice to diverse communities as a way to transform chaos and crisis into connection and creativity. Founded in 2007 by Gabrielle Roth, who served as Artistic Director and Board Chair until her passing in October 2012, the 5Rhythms Reach Out is centered in New York City and serves globally.

For more than five decades, Gabrielle Roth used the power of rhythm to enable people everywhere to tap into their long-buried instincts and reconnect to the wisdom of their bodies. At the age of sixteen, Gabrielle began teaching movement to marginalized and disenfranchised communities in California, and this early work with inner-city youth, elders, veterans, and inmates began her lifelong journey into the magical healing and unifying language of rhythm and movement. In the fifty years that followed, she has developed her vision into the 5Rhythms Practice — a powerful form of moving meditation that has touched tens of thousands of lives across the globe by offering movement as medicine for our malaise.

The 5Rhythms body of work — a marriage of art and healing — was developed by Gabrielle in the context of classes and workshops that served as her research laboratory. 5Rhythms Reach Out was created as a vehicle to move from this laboratory to a real world in real need. On the healing side, 5RRO reaches out to social systems and organizations, such as hospitals, senior centers, schools, and prisons, to broaden its reach and amplify its impact. On the artistic side, it develops theater — a dynamic, physical form of theater — that generates spontaneous, original and authentic expression that is at the very core of 5Rhythms values.

Since the mid-1960s, Gabrielle’s unique perspective and passion have stretched from the dance floor to the pages of three best-selling books, more than 20 percussion-based albums, and a vibrant body of experimental theater work.

Upon her passing, her son Jonathan Horan founded 5Rhythms Global, which oversees the teaching and certification of the 5Rhythms practice. Currently, there are over 500 teachers worldwide using the 5Rhythms in artistic, educational, and healing contexts.