4Kids Costa Rica



On behalf of the 5RRO, we created a 5Rhythms boot camp for ourselves in Costa Rica this spring, teaching 4 sessions a day for a month with kids ranging in age from toddlers to teens! We used the 5Rhythms to build leadership skills based on authenticity, generosity and creativity.

This is a school committed to bi-lingual education and innovative learning. Our intention was to create an opportunity for the kids to experience that each of them has a unique offering to give to the community. The kids responded joyfully and felt re-energized about being at school! In our brief weeks together, their self-confidence skyrocketed beyond expectations, their communication skills were honed and the 5Rhythms rooted them in a new found power of physical expression and clarity. We can’t wait to go back, it was an amazing learning for all of us!

-- Jonathan Horan, Amber Ryan, Douglas Drummond

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