The Waterbearer's Dream



I was feeling stuck in the middle of a countryside dream beginning to question my existence on the planet, as well as my purpose and intention as an artist. I was homesick, angry, and in love. Torn between worlds, split in two, starved to do theater, and very isolated I began to dream.

All I have ever really known is theater, so that’s what I did. I turned my suffering and confusion into a sliver of a seed that had been longing to be planted in newfound soil. I had symbols and visuals but no story. Gabrielle got down to the root and heart of the matter, found a story deep in my belly and wove it into words. The words and her direction became a prayer, a ritual, a piece of theatre so moving we had people coming backstage crying at the end. This deeply personal piece became much bigger than me.

Water Bearer's Dream is a journey across the great waters of the heart embodying the collective and fundamental struggle of the female experience. Through visual poetry, physical theater, and spoken word, a universal longing is revealed.

-- Lorca Simons - The Waterbearer's Dream